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Well be assured that cat-book author M.D. Pueppke certainly does! He´s  shared his home with many wonderful feline children over the years and  quite simply, how could anyone possibly have a rewarding life without  them! Hey, how about joining us in the Fuzzy Revolution? You´ll be purring  with pleasure for hours on end when you venture into the magical world  of Fuzzy the Cat!
Getting to know Fuzzy...(video)
Do you love cats!
Join forces with Fuzzy in his  own inspirational, all-original  song, supporting his undying  valor and compassion in his  eternal quest to bring insight,  compassion, and happiness to  all cats and humans alike! 
(sample of The Fuzzy Revolution)
Enjoy this collection of all-original, heartfelt music oriented to our  cherished felines and the close relationship we have with them!  
Explore the fascinating world of Fuzzy the Cat  in his one-of-a-kind collection of thought-  provoking and entertaining books...  (1)Fuzzy the Cat/FTC (the daily adventures,  activities, and zany antics of Fuzzy  himself).  (2)Fuzzy the Great/FTG (Fuzzy as a  courageous, mystical warrior hero defending  the Feline Kingdom), and  (3)Fuzzy Tails/FT (a wonderful variety of cat  stories from Fuzzy´s dear great-grandmother  cat—coming in 2014).
The Fuzzy Revolution by M.D. Pueppke © Fuzzy the Cat Music 2013
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